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Rip Scale Upgrade Kit for Model 520 Pro Fence System MARK V's

Install this Rip Scale Upgrade Kit and in about a half-hour, you'll be instantly setting rip cut dimensions with lightning speed and matchless precision.

A powerful magnetic strip attached to the top of each Rail holds your choice of a short or long precision stainless steel Scale that's graduated in bothy, 32nds and 16ths. Choose the long scale when making cuts from 6-1/2" to the left of the blade to 38-1/2" to the right* - or the short Scale when making cuts form 6-1/2" to the left of the blade to 9-1/2" to the right.

Zeroing-adjustments are easily made by simply re-positioning the steel Scales on their magnetic holders. Once positioned, they will remain where you put them without shifting.

The Kit includes a new 17-1/2" Front Rail for your Main Table, (3) 7-1/2" Front Rails for your Extension Tables, a 16" long steel Scale, a 45" long steel Scale, a wide, easy-to-read Scale Indicator plus complete instructions and all required installation hardware.

Note: For use with Model 520 Pro Fence System MARK V's only.

*Scales will also read in opposite direction, except numbers will be upside-down.

Click her to check out our Rip Scale Upgrade Page in our Catalog