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Service Pointers
The MARK V Rip Fence -- A Prime Key to an Accurate Project

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The Rip Fence is a very important part of your Shopsmith MARK V (or any table saw, for that matter).  If you drop it, hit it, bang it around or place excessive pressure on it during use, it can and will get out of line. 
To check for proper alignment, place the Fence next to the miter gauge slot on your MARK V Table and tighten the locking handle(s). It should be parallel to the slot when clamped to the table.  If it isnít, it probably needs adjustment.
Do be aware, however, that sometimes, itís the main worktable or extension table thatís out of alignment and NOT the fence.
Always check the table alignment first if youíre having problems. One way to do this is to gently slide the table against the sanding disc to check to see if the edge of the table is parallel to the disc. If not, some adjustment is required before proceeding.


Possible Cause


Fence is out of alignment

Fence has been dropped

Realign fence by loosening two bolts under the base. Realign fence to slot, tighten fence to table, then tighten bolts.

Excessive side pressure on fence during operation

Clamp a block to the table surface behind your rip fence on its outboard end to act as a back-up.

Offsetting setscrew on handle end of fence has vibrated against the table bar

Remove the offsetting setscrew, tap its threads lightly with a hammer to flatten them slightly and re-install.

Fence will not adjust to an angle for edge sanding with the disc sander

The offsetting setscrew is not  properly adjusted.

Loosen the fenceís knob and adjust the offsetting setscrew to the right of the fence handle so the fence is 1/16-inch to 1/8-inch closer to your disc at the infeed end of the table than it is at the outfeed end. Tighten fence.

Burr or dirt on the underside of fence base or table bar

Remove burr with file -- or dirt with solvent.

Dado or molding knives cut into fence sides

Improper Setup

Use a wood extension fence. See Power Tool Woodworking for Everyone for extension plans.