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The Ornamental Holiday Hurricane Lamp

Make just one of these great lamps in a single afternoon - or make a bunch more over a two-day weekend that you can give as gifts for family and friends!

With some projects...due to the ways they're designed...it's often about as easy to make 12 of them as it is to make only one. This Lamp is a prime example of that. Since it's comprised of just two different-shaped pieces of wood (the Sides and the Bottom), once you've established your Table Saw set-ups to rip or crosscut one of the eight side pieces to size, cutting another 16 or so is a simple matter of pushing more wood past the blade.

And, if you add yet another time-saving technique -- re-sawing multiple, pre-cut thin pieces from a single thick piece of stock - you'll be able to save even more time!

It's always a good idea to keep this in mind with many simple projects. Our lives are filled with birthday, anniversary and holiday opportunities to give our friends and families projects that we've made with our own two hands - and it can often be as easy as making a couple of set-ups...then simply pushing a few more pieces of wood past the blade!

Although our example Lamp is octagonal and features a holly, Christmas tree and bell design, it could just as easily be square or hexagonal...and feature a Santa Claus, reindeer and snowman design. Or...you could make a number of copies of each design. It's your choice.

Option: If you prefer, you can also make a four, five or six-sided Lamp. Here are the table tilts for each: 4-sides 45 degrees - 5-sides 36-degrees - 6-sides 30-degrees.

If you're making anything other than our 8-sided version, don't forget to alter the shape of your Bottom (B) piece, accordingly.)

Our example also features a 9-1/2" glass chimney inside to protect the wood from exposed flames.

So, MAKE IT YOURS!...just a few simple changes can often make a big difference!!

SAVE TIME WHEN MAKING MULTIPLES - Here are two different ways for you to cut your building time when making more than one of these lamps:

#1: Pad-Sawing -- Purchase 1/4" thick stock, then use Double-Stick Tape to temporarily tape a number of pieces together (up to 2" worth for Scroll Sawing) and do the cut-outs for the entire stack at once. When finished, just un-tape and you'll have four pieces.

#2: Resawing -- If you have a Bandsaw, you can first Scroll Saw the designs into thick stock, then re-saw them and plane or joint them to final thickness. After making your cut-outs, re-saw your stock into 5/16" thick pieces, then use your Thickness Planer or Jointer to plane the pieces down to their final 1/4" thickness. Due to the kerf left by most re-sawing blades, you'll be able to get two pieces from standard 4/4 hardwood, three pieces from 5/4 and four pieces from 8/4.

So, let's get started....

1: Cut all stock to the indicated widths and lengths, as described in the Bill of Materials.