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Volume 44 /  Issue 6

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Methods &

Troubleshooting Table
Worktable & Carriage


Possible Cause


Table will not or is difficult to raise & lower

Racks & pinions clogged with foreign materials

Table height lock secured

Pinion gears damaged

Burrs on support tubes or in carriage holes

Table support tubes damaged

Table not level in carriage or front & back table post racks not in alignment with each other

Clean racks & pinions. Wax table support tubes.

Loosen lock

Replace pinion gears

Remove burrs with a fine file

Replace support tubes

Turn table height handle counter-clockwise while lifting up on table tie bar. Once table is free of carriage, adjust table until it's level or until both racks engage pinions simultaneously
Replace table in carriage.

Table wobbles

Tilt lock loose

Trunion bolts loose

Carriage lock loose

Secure tilt lock

Tighten bolts

Secure carriage lock

Table won't fit in carriage

Racks & pinions clogged with foreign materials

Table height lock secured

Tie bar assembly bent

Table in backwards

Clean racks & pinions. Wax table support tubes.

Loosen lock

Push support tubes together or spread them apart slightly.

If this doesn't work, replace tie bar.

Turn table around

Table insert not flush with table surface

Back setscrew not adjusted properly (Model 500 only)

Sawdust under table insert

Table insert not bowed (Model 500 only)

Wood catches (Model 510/520)

Adjust setscrew

Remove insert & clean out sawdust

Replace insert

Place a piece of masking tape under insert until it is even with table surface

Table leaves black marks on stock

Dirty table surface

Clean table surface

Table won't tilt to drill press position

Tilt lock secured

Tilt lock auto-stop is engaged

Impacted sawdust in trunions

Front & back shields in the way

Table trunion bolts not properly located, causing binding

Loosen tilt lock

Disengage tilt lock auto-stop

Clean trunions (Do Not Wax)

Remove shields

Loosen trunion bolts and re-align

Table won't lower to boring position

Impacted sawdust on support tube racks & pinions

Side shield in the way

Clean racks and/or pinions

Remove the side shield

Carriage lock sticks

Foreign material in mechanism

Lock too tight

Clean carriage lock mechanism

Loosen lock

Table will not lock at desired height

Table height lock not secure

Table height lock not supplying enough pressure (Model 500)

Secure lock

Remove lock handle and add another 3/8" flat washer on pinion shaft

Carriage shifts on way tubes after being locked into position

Carriage lock handle improperly adjusted

Tighten nut on back of carriage lock handle shaft

Slight variations in cuts made in two table slots

Miter gauge face not flat

Table warped Table not properly aligned

Replace miter gauge face

Replace table Align table

If you have tried these remedies and they didn’t work . . . or if you’re experiencing difficulties that are not listed here, feel free to call Shopsmith’s TOLL-FREE Technical Services Hotline (1-800-762-7555) for the answer or send an e-mail to Shopsmith Technical Support.

WARNING: Always unplug machine before making any adjustments or performing any maintenance procedures.