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The Pencil & Stamp Holder

Pencil and Stamp Holder

A hot-selling “bandsaw box” project for the desktop

Here's an easy-to-make project that uses the Bandsaw almost exclusively without the need for any precision joinery or measurements. We've created this article in a step-by-step photo fashion that makes everything even easier. In fact, the steps are virtually the same for ANY bandsaw box you may decide to craft. So, after practicing the techniques shown here, feel free to experiment with different dimensions and designs to create a variety of Holders for added appeal to your customers. So, let's get started.

1. Prepare a piece of stock measuring 3" x 3-1/2" x 15" in size, which will give you enough to make three holders. Depending on the wood you plan to use (we used Cherry), you'll probably have to glue-up some thinner boards to create the right dimensions, then plane everything down to size using your Thickness Planer. As an option, you might even consider laminating different colored woods to create a different effect. If you have access to some exotics, Cherry & Padauk...Maple and Wenge...Zebrawood & Oak...Purpleheart & Bubinga all make interesting choices. Other options worth considering include changing the shape of the box top to square or slanted toward the back, front or side - replacing the pull knob with a finger hole - making the box taller or wider with two drawers - the options are limited only by your imagination.

2. Once you've squared your stock, use your Table Saw to crosscut it into three equal pieces.

3. Next, using your Bandsaw with a 1/2" Blade, cut 1/4" thick Sides from each block (see Detail A). Be sure to keep the pieces together so your boxes can be properly reassembled with all wood pieces in their original positions.

4. Switch to a 3/16" Blade and cut out the Drawer Block (See Detail B). Once the Block has been cut out, slice the 1/4" Sides from it (see Detail C).