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Ask Smitty No woodworker (except SMITTY, of course) has ALL the answers. From time-to-time, everyone hits a snag, trying to figure out some sort of in-shop problem.
Don't worry, SMITTY can help. Just use the
special e-mail link to send your questions to SMITTY. He’ll do his best to get back to you soon, with the answers to those questions.

Here are the questions . . . and SMITTY’S answers for this issue!

If you're having a problem setting-up, aligning or maintaining your Shopsmith equipment, you should contact Shopsmith's Technical Support Staff (NOT Smitty).
Call TOLL-FREE, 1-800-762-7555 during normal business hours to speak directly with a Shopsmith Technical Support Representative.

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Setting Jointer/Planer Knives Accurately
From Willard via email:
I received a pair of magna-set planer knife setters as a gift. Can I use them to set the blades on my Shopsmith Planer? If so, do I just remove the top protective cover? It looks like that comes off with 2 Allen screws. How about my Shopsmith Jointer?

Yes, the jointer Magna-set can be used on your Shopsmith Jointer. I personally do not like the their procedures or the accuracy of setting the knives with this tool, however, many other people like the Magna-set for setting jointer knives. I prefer setting the jointer knives the way we recommend in the Jointer Owners Manual (pgs 10, 11, 12). This costs a lot less than the $50 for the jointer Magna-set and (for me) is more accurate.

The Magna-set for the thickness planer can NOT be used on the SHOPSMITH Thickness Planer. This tool will not set the knives in the same position as they are set with either the knife setting gage or here in the factory.

If you're having trouble setting the planer knives (as some people do) I recommend that you send your cutterhead with newly sharpened knives to us to re-set. We can set them to an accuracy of .002" or less for just $24.95 plus tax and shipping. You should call SHOPSMITH Customer Service (1-800-762-7555)first. They will walk you through all the steps to remove and pack your knives and cutterhead. This is the BEST and most accurate way to re-install knives in the SHOPSMITH Planer.


Mortising Attachment Problems
From Bob Bridwell, via e-mail:
I purchased my Shopsmith Mark 5 in 1978 or 79. I have never been able to get the Mortising set-up to work properly. I have adjusted the depth of the drill bit in the chisel according to the Shopsmith manual and have had the same results. The drill cuts to the depth of the chisel edge and stops. Any suggestions as to what to do?

If I understand your question properly...the outside square chisel is not penetrating the wood but the drill bit is. There are three ways to improve this:

1.) Sharpen the square chisel. (see Shopsmith's textbook, “Power Tool Woodworking for Everyone”, current edition, pages 304 & 305). To order the appropriate sharpening stone you'll have to be able to tell our Customer Service Rep when you purchased your mortising set when you call to place your order.

2.) Support the worktable. If you have a Model 500 machine, you can purchase a support leg (555627 pg. 30 of our 50th Anniversary Catalog) or use a 2x4 cut to length (approx. 30" to 36") to fit under the table. If you have upgraded to one of the newer table systems, you can support the table with the tubes and legs that came with your upgrade.

3.) Perhaps you don't realize how much force it takes to push the square chisel through the wood. With sharp chisels and the worktable supported properly, I would guess it takes 50 pounds of force on the quill handle to make the mortising cut. With dull chisels and/or unsupported table, MUCH more.

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