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Using the Shopsmith Safety Kit
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Here at Shopsmith, we're always working to promote safer, more accurate woodworking. This means the continual development of new Safety Aids to help you protect yourself from personal injury when working with your Shopsmith Power Tools. The foundation of our efforts in this area lies in our award-winning Shopsmith Safety Kit.

The components of this Kit are designed to hold, push or otherwise maneuver workpieces close to moving blades, cutters, bits and discs. In addition, they also help to maintain even pressure on the stock curing cuts, delivering improved accuracy and control. The Kit consists of:

  • A hooked-end Push Stick to help you push stock from 1-1/2" to 5" wide into the blade or cutter when making “through cuts”.
  • A rubber-bottomed Push Block to help you push stock 5" or wider into the blade or cutter when making “through-cuts” - or for advancing the stock over any blade or cutter when making partial cuts that do not go all the way through the stock, such as dado or groove cuts, etc.
  • A narrow Fence Straddler to help you push stock that's narrower than 1-1/2" into the blade or cutter. This device hooks over the top of your Rip Fence and will help you safely push stock as narrow as 1/4".
  • A Feather Board to help you hold your stock against your Rip Fence (or other Fence) when making a cut. This device contains flexible “fingers” to exert continual pressure against your stock and help prevent kick-backs in the event of a snag.

This Kit is standard equipment with every new MARK V sold since 1982. If you have purchased a used MARK V that didn't come with a Safety Kit, or if you have an older unit that you purchased new prior to 1982, you should order a Safety Kit for your own protection. Since the introduction of the Safety Kit, Shopsmith has also introduced a number of other devices to bring added safety and control to various operations. Among these are the following:

  • A Rip Fence Mounted Feather Board that mounts to the T-Slot in the top of your Model 510 or 520 MARK V Rip Fence. This device is used to exert DOWNWARD pressure on workpieces, preventing them from rising off the Worktable surface during specific operations.

  • Auxiliary Fence-Mounted Feather Boards mount to the Auxiliary Fence Kit to help hold workpieces down against the Jointer Table during jointing operations - and down against the MARK V Worktable during Dadoing, Grooving and Molding operations.

  • A Jointer Feather Guard that replaces the gray aluminum “pork-chop”-shaped guard on earlier model Shopsmith Jointers (standard equipment with current Jointers). This Feather Guard automatically exerts inward pressure against the Jointer Fence during cuts and helps prevent dangerous kick-backs, as well.

  • A Shaper/Router Guard Retro-fit Kit that includes a Quill-Mounted Feather-Guard for exerting downward pressure on the workpiece; a Feather Board for exerting inward pressure against the Shaper/Router Fence; a Rear Fence Guard; a See-Through Shield; and a Vacuum Attachment.

  • Router Table Feather Boards for holding workpieces firmly against the Shopsmith Router Table Fence or Pro Fence System Router Table Fence during certain operations.