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Real Letters from
Shopsmith Power Tool Owners

Here at Shopsmith, our mailbox is constantly stuffed with great letters from Shopsmith Power Tool Owners, talking about how they use their tools and what they think about them. Here are some excerpts from a recent batch.

Wife ORDERS husband to buy Shopsmith MARK V!
Russ Troisi, Panama City Beach, FL writes...
“My first exposure to Shopsmith was in the 50’s. My Father (who was a good craftsman) purchased one and was doing woodwork in his garage. I was impressed with several of the things his Shopsmith was able to do and the small amount of space it used in his garage.
During my first year of retirement (and after having looked at several used Shopsmiths), my wife and I were walking through the Panama City shopping mall and there it was!  A Shopsmith MARK V demonstration. My wife looked at me and said, ‘You either buy it now or forever forget about having one!’   That was nearly ten years ago and my Shopsmith has given me hours of pure pleasure since then.
I can honestly say that there seems to be no end to what the combination of my equipment can produce.”

AMAZING STORY!   The man who almost “dumped” his MARK V!
Joseph Doyle, Monroe, NY writes...
“I purchased my Shopsmith from a retired carpenter in 1967. I set it up in a spare room in the place where I was living in the Bronx. I used it for a couple of years, then it laid idle for many years. I moved...and came close many times to throwing it out.  (SHOPSMITH’S response ­- EEEEK!)
Then, five or six years ago, I started using it again. I shipped the motor to Shopsmith for a complete overhaul. Being retired now, I use my Shopsmith quite often. I’m so happy I didn’t throw it out! 
It’s a great machine and I wouldn’t part with it for anything!

A Wonderful Christmas Surprise story!
John Reinhold, Desert Hot Springs, CA writes...
“In 1988, I happened to see a Shopsmith MARK V in a neighbor’s garage. I asked him about it and he said he was going to sell it. He then told my wife that he thought I would really like to have the machine. My wife made payments on it for several months and on Christmas morning, there was the Shopsmith, with a big red bow on it, sitting on the patio. Needless to say, I was ecstatic.
I’ve found that this machine can do everything but talk. To this day, I marvel at what I can do with it. Anyone who doesn’t own a Shopsmith doesn’t understand what a great product you are selling!”

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