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“Get A Ball” Out of Your Woodworking
A Great “Build-It-In-A-Weekend” Gift or Desktop Accent Piece

One of the greatest things about having a woodworking shop is this: When you get an idea for a project (no matter how “goofy” it may seem), you can go into the shop and “have at it”! And the best part of all is that a woodworking shop is not only a great place to build a project . . . it’s a fantastic place for stimulating ideas, as well! Don’t you just love woodworking?
MARK V owner Troy Todd found this situation to be true for him, as well, when he created this unique, whimsical Wooden Gumball Machine.
Here’s how to make one (refer to the assembly drawing for all part references):
1. Cut out the stock.  Follow the list of materials at the end of the article. For best results, we suggest you use a hardwood such as cherry or maple. Cut the round discs (A thru E) using your bandsaw or scroll saw and mark the center of each piece clearly.
2. Drill a 1/4-inch hole in the centers of parts A through E.  Mark the part letters on pieces B through E. Now, make
the simple
clamping jig shown in Figure 1 from a 3/4-inch x 8-inch piece of stock and a 1/4-inch-20 x 3-inch pivot bolt. 
Next, stack discs B, C and D over the pivot bolt on the jig with disc B on the bottom. Lay the jig flat on the surface of your MARK V Drill Press Table, with the stacked discs clamped in position with 1/4-inch-20 nut and washer so they won’t rotate.
Locate a point 3/4-inch in from the center of your discs and drill a 5/8-inch diameter hole. Set your drill press stop to drill all the way through discs D and C . . . but only half-way through disc B.  Drill your 5/8-inch hole. 
3. Rout the slide lever slot on disc C by first marking off the 2-3/4-inch arc on the edge of the disc. Tilt your MARK V’s table 90-degrees so its surface is parallel with the machine’s way tubes, then clamp the jig to the table surface as shown in Figure 1 . . . so the point of your drill bit is in exact left-right alignment with the centerline of your pivot bolt.
Mount disc C over the pivot bolt and drill a 1/4-inch diameter by 1-inch deep hole at each end of your drawn arc. Next, use your MARK V’s Router Attachment with a 1/4-inch Bit to rout a 1-inch deep groove, connecting the two 1/4-inch holes you just drilled.  Caution: Do this in shallow, 1/8-inch deep passes to ensure the smoothest slot.

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Overall Assembly &
List of Materials

Clamping Jig


Figure 1
Routing the slot for the lever with the Shopsmith Router attachment and a special clamping jig.

(Click on blue link above for a larger version of the image)