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The All-American Picnic Table

You should be able to complete and start using this simple picnic table in record time ! One day to build it -- and another to enjoy it !

2: Crosscut parts A,B,C and F to length (see CUTOUT DIAGRAM). If you’re using a MARK V or table saw, set your Miter Gauge at 90o and use an extension table or similar outboard device to support your stock. You could also use a hand-held circular saw for making all crosscuts, if you like.
Use your MARK V or table saw to rip one five-foot-long 2” x 10” in half…then crosscut parts D and E to length.

3: Bevel the ends of parts E and G by setting your MARK V or table saw’s worktable or arbor at 90o…angling your Miter Gauge to 30o…and placing the faces of pieces E and G against your Miter Gauge face, with the workpiece edges resting on the table surface while you make your end bevel cuts.

4: Cut the miters on the ends of parts B, C and F by setting your MARK V or table saw’s worktable or arbor at 90o…angling your Miter Gauge to 30o… and placing the faces of pieces B, C and F against your worktable surface, with the workpiece edges resting against your Miter Gauge face while you make your end miter cuts.

5: Assemble parts B, C and F with 5/16” x 3-1/2”l. carriage bolts. Use two bolts per joint. Use #12 x 2-1/2” flathead wood screws to attach the top and seats (A) to the assembled frame. The seat and top supports (E and G) are also attached with #12 x 2-1/2” wood screws.

6: Cut the braces (D) to fit. With your stock resting on edge, tilt your Miter Gauge to 25o and bevel one end of each brace. Hold the upper ends of the braces in place against the center top support (G) while you mark the lower brace ends for length. Set your Miter Gauge at 67o and cut the marked end bevels.

7: Finish. Apply the outdoor finish of your choice and enjoy.


Side and End Diagrams

Table Top Diagram

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