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The Heart-Shaped Display Stand

Here's an easy-to-build weekend project that will make a great accent piece in practically any living room or family room

Here's a perfect, multi-purpose addition for almost any room. Use it in a breakfast nook as a phone stand...in an office for business magazines...in a family room for curios or collectibles... or in a bedroom for treasured family photos. The list goes on.

We're sure that once you've built one of these for yourself and discovered how quick and easy it was, you'll want to “whip out” a few more for your favorite family members and friends. In fact, this is one of those instances where you might want to consider this carefully before you buy your materials. Remember, with certain projects, it's often just as easy to make six of something as it is to make just one!

Our example features heart-shaped shelves and was made out of cherry. However, it could just as easily have more contemporary, triangular-shaped shelves and be built out of black lacquered poplar. Modifying this plan is a “breeze”. So, let's get started:

1. Joint and glue-up the stock for the shelves (A). Use regular Bar Clamps ...or, to minimize sanding by ensuring the evenness of board surfaces during glue-up, use Double Bar Clamps. They're designed to clamp the boards together while keeping all surfaces flush while the glue dries (in this case, allow 24 hours before proceeding).

NOTE: Don't forget to use a damp cloth to wipe off any glue squeeze-out before it dries on project surfaces. Glue on workpiece surfaces will prevent your stains or other finishes from taking evenly.

2. Examine your stock carefully once the glue has dried. If you've missed a couple of spots of squeeze-out, now is the time to remove them before proceeding. The best tool for this is a Hand Scraper. Once you've removed the surface glue from your stock, use your Thickness Planer or Belt Sander to bring it to a final thickness of 3/4".

3. Lay out one heart-shaped shelf on your stock and rough cut it out of the stock (Fig. 1).

4. Cut out the two remaining shelf blanks. Stack them together (with Double-Stick Tape between each)....placing the one containing the drawn heart-shaped design on top.

5. Use your Bandsaw and the Pad-Sawing technique to cut out all three identical shelves (A), at once.

6. While the three shelves are still taped together, set up your MARK V in Disk Sander mode and sand the three 1-5/8" long Flats for the Legs, as shown in Fig 2.