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Service Pointers
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Inside of BandsawHere are some great tips for keeping your Bandsaw operating properly:

  • Clean the inside of the Bandsaw occasionally. Take off the cover and either blow the dust out with an air compressor or suck it out with a shop vacuum. Be sure to brush all of the dust off the bearings, tension scale and guide block assemblies.
  • Clean the upper and lower tires with a stiff bristle brush. This isn't as necessary when working with wood as it is when working with metals (when it should be checked after each use). Metal chips can imbed themselves in the tire rubber, causing them to crack and split.
  • Keep the Table surface clean and free of dust by applying a coat of good quality paste wax. Allow the wax to dry then buff to a polish. Also, wax and polish the Mounting Tubes.
  • Every 15 hours of operation, put one or two drops of a lightweight machine oil on the tracking bearing (near the tension scale), the lower blade back-up bearing (above the lower blade guides) and the upper blade back-up bearing (above the upper blade guides).
  • Every year, place a small amount of powdered graphite (can be bought at most Home Centers and hardware stores) on the upper guide rod assembly, the threads of the control knobs for the upper and lower guides and each of the table trunions. After putting graphite on these trunions, move the table through its full range a few times.
  • Replenish the grease in the upper wheel bearings about once a year/ Remove the upper wheel by taking off the blade and releasing the wheel retainer snap ring with a screwdriver. Then pack a small amount of cup grease into the wheel bearing and replace the wheel and snap ring.
  • When operating your Bandsaw, be careful that the Speed Dial on your MARK V is turned down to “slow” before connecting the Bandsaw. If the speed is set beyond the maximum recommended Bandsaw Speed (“D”), one or more of the rubber tires could spin off the machine.
  • For accurate and safe cutting, use your Miter Gauge and Safety Grip whenever possible.