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Shopsmith and Lowe's Team Up
To Bring Do-It-Yourself Woodworking To America!

Virtually every minute of every day enterprising American homeowners walk into a Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse with a list of material needed to complete a do-it-yourself or woodworking project.

Little do they know that another American favorite - the Shopsmith MARK V - might be waiting for them along the main aisle being demonstrated by a expert woodworker. With a gathering crowd of fellow do-it-yourselfers and chips flying, they gain the final permission that doing-it-themselves is not only a great way to save money, but a terrific way to protect and increase the value of their homes.

Nearly three years ago, Lowe’s invited Shopsmith to demonstrate the MARK V, 5-tools-in-1 complete home woodworking shop, inside five different Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouses.

They were a huge success and the relationship has blossomed into a schedule of around 70 live tool demonstrations per month at Lowe’s locations all across the country.

“It’s a perfect match that works very well for both companies”, says Bob Folkerth, president of the tool company.

“We have nearly a million folks using a MARK V to build woodworking and DIY projects of all descriptions - decks, fences, garden sheds, furniture, woodcrafts - and Lowe’s offers all the supplies - wood, nails, screws, hardware - and this marketing partnership brings it all together”, he explained.

Shopsmith, historically, has held tool demonstrations in thousands of shopping malls, home shows, state fairs and other places where woodworkers and do-it-yourselfers gather. No venue yet has equaled the kind of interest and excitement that is created by holding tool demonstrations at Lowe’s.

The events run from Thursday to Sunday and are crowded with folks ready to build projects and enjoy the pride and satisfaction of doing-it-themselves.

Many new MARK V customers are acquired during the Lowe’s demonstration events and many more consumers are educated to the ease and benefits of do-it-yourself woodworking.

While the demonstrations are geared for new customers, many existing MARK V owners find their way to the events and report they enjoy watching the Shopsmith factory experts demonstrate the MARK V. As one MARK V owner said, “I learn something new every time I see one of the factory guys work on a MARK V.”

While the best “everyday low prices” on a new MARK V is available at Lowe’s during the demonstrations, customers can walk into a Lowe’s anytime and Special Order a MARK V that is then shipped directly to them from the factory.

Owners can also Special Order Shopsmith products such as dust collectors, band saws, belt sanders and jointers at Lowe’s, and of course, select from thousands of needed project supplies.

The two companies “positioning statements” tell the real story of this successful relationship:
Lowes - Improving Home Improvement
Shopsmith - Enriching Lives Through Woodworking

Pretty powerful words for two of American homeowners’ favorite brands.

CLICK to check the Shopsmith demonstration schedule.
CLICK to visit the Lowe’s website.
CLICK to visit the Shopsmith MARK V website.