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The Dried Flower Vase

This stunning little Dried Flower Vase is a true, free-form design that will look great with virtually any decor. We've included drawings for two different sizes and shapes, but your options here are limitless. Ours was turned from Eastern Red Cedar, but again, you can use any wood you like....even turn it from solid core plywoods (such as Baltic Birch) or woods laminated together from any combination of contrasting species you desire.

Start by mounting your stock between centers...on a conventional Faceplate...or even to a Screw Center, if you prefer. Depending on the intended finished shape of your Vase, you might elect to use an S-Shaped Tool Rest mounted in Shopsmith's Universal Lathe Tool Rest to ensure maximum chisel support, safety and working convenience during turning. Most of the work can be accomplished with an ordinary Gouge or Roundnose Chisel.

What about the Vase insides? Our example Vases feature either a 3/8" or 1/4" diameter hole bored down past the neck area for holding the Dried Flowers. If you prefer, they can also be hollowed-out to allow a small bundle of dried flowers to be displayed in a more “fanned-out” fashion. If you're using this approach, you may want to look into getting a small set of specialized Hollow-Forming Chisels for this purpose. However, it's important to remember that the single drilled hole approach requires far less time to complete...and therefore a considerably higher profit margin than the hollowed-out version.

About the only real design consideration for Vases such as these is that their necks be slender. If you're using “old” or scrap wood, let it show its age and imperfections. This just gives the Vase more “character”. And, since the Vases are designed to hold dried flowers (requiring no water), there is no need for any special finishing operations. In fact, just a quick coat of furniture paste wax may be all that's required.

Suggested retail price: $20 to $30

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Vase Plans

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