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New” at

Two Great New Shopsmith
Accessories for Your MARK V

Back by popular demand, the Shopsmith Hollow Chisel Mortising Attachment
Several years ago, we discontinued the Hollow Chisel Mortising Attachment that we had offered for many years. This was due largely to the fact that hollow chisel mortising was fading in popularity…as more and more woodworkers were turning to slot mortising with a router. As is the case with many things in life, this trend is now reversing itself as hollow chisel mortising regains its popularity. Fortunately, we held onto the tooling for this once popular accessory and are now able to bring it back, as per your requests.


The principle of this special tool is really quite simple. Just install your Drill Chuck on the MARK V spindle. Then, slip the Mortising Attachment over the outside of the quill on your MARK V and tighten it in position with a single 5/32-inch setscrew. Insert the Mortising Chisel of your choice (1/4-inch, 3/8-inch or 1/2-inch) in the other end of the attachment and tighten the setscrew. Now, slip the appropriate Mortising Bit up through the hollow chisel and secure its shaft in your drill chuck.
The attachment holds the chisel (with sharp, honed edges) and keeps it from rotating while the special Mortising Bit inside turns. As you advance the quill, the rotating bit removes the majority of the stock while the chisel’s edges shave the sides of the mortise square and smooth. The special Hold-Down attaches to the top of your MARK V’s rip fence to keep your workpiece from lifting when the chisel is withdrawn.


Easy-to-use attachment turns your Shopsmith Strip Sander into a Chisel Sharpening “Wizard”
Some types of woodworking chisels, including many lathe chisels and carving chisels require edge angles that can be difficult to sharpen. This inexpensive device solves that problem.
Just replace the Table on your Shopsmith Strip Sander with this Sharpening Attachment . . . switch to the angled Sharpening Platen . . . and you’re ready to go -- in less than 2 minutes! Straight-edged chisels up to 1-inch wide and curved-edge chisels of virtually any width, bend or configuration can be sharpened in a flash. Accepts chisels from 3-inches long to 26-inches long and tilts from 90-degrees to 0-degrees to tackle steep-angle lathe scraping tools or shallow angle carving sweeps. Simply drop the butt-end of your chisel’s handle into the special cup-shaped holder. Adjust for the proper length, tilt the attachment to the desired angle (matching existing angles is a snap), tighten and sharpen.
Start by using a 150-grit belt to establish your angle then work your way all the way up to a 600-grit belt to achieve a super-sharp “honed” edge, all without ever having to change your set-up or sharpening angle.


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