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Power tool safety can never be over-stressed.  It’s important that you NEVER bypass safety issues to save money, get a project done faster or because you feel you’re an experienced craftsman to which safety doesn’t apply.

Research shows that serious accidents are equally divided among novice and pro woodworkers.  As you build your woodworking skills, it’s important that you also develop safe work habits and stick to them -- NO MATTER WHAT!   Here are some important safety rules to heed when drilling or boring:

  • Read your owner’s manual and follow the guidelines presented there.
    NEVER leave the chuck key in the chuck. ALWAYS remove it before turning on the machine.
  • Wear proper eye, dust and ear protection
  • Be sure the table tilt trunion and down tubes are locked firmly in position before you turn on the machine.
  • Keep your hands, fingers and other parts of your body at least 3” away from the moving drill bit.
  • Roll your sleeves up above your elbows, remove all jewelry and tuck long hair under a cap. 
  • NEVER wear gloves when working with stationary power tools.
  • When drum sanding with the drill press, be sure to use a dust-collection hook-up to avoid breathing excessive dust.
  • Position the worktable so the stock is properly supported at all times.
  • Whenever possible, clamp the workpiece to the worktable for added safety.
    NEVER try to stop the machine by grabbing the drill chuck, even when the power is turned off.
  • Never try to grasp a drill bit with a tapered square shank in your MARK V’s chuck.
  • Use only straight shanked bits.  Stepped shanks are OK as long as their sides are straight and not tapered.
  • When using the vertical drill press, always try to work with the table at mid-chest for maximum visibility and control. 
  • If you must use an auger-type bit with a screw-type lead (not recommended), always pre-drill a pilot hole that’s the same diameter as the largest diameter of your screw lead to prevent potential grabbing. This is especially true when working with hardwoods. Auger bits with spur-type (non-screw) pilots are preferred.
  • If you must drill a hole that’s larger than an available hole saw (our recommendation for boring large holes), we advise you to use a scroll saw, bandsaw, saber saw, hand-operated saw or routing set-up.  Shopsmith Does Not Recommend the use of adjustable, beam-type circle cutters or flycutters.  These tools are very dangerous, even when your workpiece is clamped solidly to the worktable.
  • ALWAYS turn off and unplug the MARK V before changing modes of operation or performing maintenance procedures.