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Spring/Summer Relaxation
At Its Finest!

You’ll never find a Porch Swing of this quality at retail !  
It’s built to last a lifetime — all in a single weekend !

Spring is almost upon us. Soon, our thoughts will turn to outdoor activities . . . barbecues on the deck or patio . . . a dip in the pool (if we’re fortunate enough to have one)…back yard get-togethers . . . gardening . . . cutting the grass . . . let’s stop here, while we’re ahead!
Yes, just as sure as there are lots of “fun” things to do outside in the Spring and Summer, there are also those yard-related chores that we must all attend to. And what better place to sit down and enjoy a relaxing evening after the day’s activities than on your own custom-made Porch Swing, like the one shown here.


View Plans &
Assembly Drawings
End View Assembly &
List of Materials

Arm Rest Pattern
Bottom Supports Pattern
Support Assembly and Pattern
Assembled Swing

This one’s a real “beauty” -- and by following the plans we’ve included here, you can make this Swing yourself easily and quickly in about a week-end.  When you’ve finished, you’ll have a Porch Swing to rival any of the old “classics” you could hope to find at an antique shop, garage sale or flea market.  And the best part of all is that you will have built it yourself !

Before we get started, here are a couple of important points for consideration:

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