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Workshop Safety
Safety First!
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Here at Shopsmith, Safety is a lot more than a six-letter word. It's a way of thinking...a state of mind...something that guides our every move. We are deeply concerned with safety...your safety in every operation you perform, whether it be with our equipment or even the hand tools you use in your shop.

That's why we design and engineer our tools with your safety in mind. And, just as we'll never compromise on the quality of the tools we sell...we'll never sacrifice your safety, either. You can “take that to the bank”!

If you've been reading “Hands-On”, you're undoubtedly aware of Shopsmith's on-going dedication and commitment to safe woodworking. We talk safety in “Hands-On” and throughout our owners' manuals, product literature and “how-to” publications. We teach safety in our National and Traveling Woodworking Academies and classes. We carefully design and engineer safety into every Shopsmith product, long before the manufacturing process ever begins. In fact, we're proud to say that we'll match our safety record with that of any other manufacturer of power tools, anywhere in the World.

In March of 1985, Shopsmith, Inc. was honored during The National Safety Council's 1994 Awards for Achievement in Product Safety, Consumer Products Category. The objective of this program was to recognize organizations which have made significant contributions to public safety. Our honors were earned for the development of the Shopsmith Safety Kit...a set consisting of four ingenious devices that have often been duplicated by others.

It's probably no surprise to note that research on the subject of safety devices shows gratifying results - when these devices accompany equipment or are available for purchase, people are more likely to use them. And when used, they help to significantly reduce injuries.

The Shopsmith Safety Kit is a winner. Each of the four devices gives you positive control over your workpieces while providing an extra cushion of safety between you and the blade, cutter or knife. They were designed by woodworkers with your safety in mind - as a part of our on-going commitment to your safety.

But safety at Shopsmith isn't limited to our Safety Kit. Every tool and workshop aid we produce is created with your safety in mind. The MARK V is a prime example of engineering excellence married to safety. Our see-through Saw Guard System was designed and produced for safety, working convenience and clear, see-through visibility of the workpiece at all times. The upper portion adjusts automatically to the thickness of the stock, while the splitter keeps the saw kerf from closing and binding on the blade. The Anti-Kickback Fingers firmly grip the stock without marring and prevent the stock from being thrown back at you in the event of a “snag”. The Lower Saw Guard covers the bottom of the blade and helps direct the sawdust away from you during operation.

Two other innovative examples are our Miter Gauge Safety Grip with the Quick Clamp...and our Model 510 and 520 Rip Fences with built-in T-Slots that allow the 510 Fence to accept a top-mounted Featherboard and the face of the 520 Fence to accept the conventional Featherboards. And although this product, along with the Safety Kit Safety Goggles, and See-Through Saw Guard System are standard equipment with every MARK V, they're also available to customers who purchased their MARK V's years ago...or to those who have purchased used machines from others.

The list of Shopsmith safety features extends throughout our full product line. Here are some other examples:

  • Our Jointer features a unique, adjustable Featherboard-Type cutterhead guard that not only keeps your hands from getting into the rotating knives, but also holds the stock firmly in against the Jointer Fence for added precision and safety.
  • A special Auxiliary Fence Kit is available to provide added hold-down safety and convenience when using the Jointer or the MARK V.
  • Added workpiece support and operator safety are provided by a host of other Shopsmith Accessories, including:

But remember that as a manufacturer and supplier of service and education, we can only recommend that you use the myriad safety devices that are available to you...and practice the rules and philosophies of workshop safety. Here at Shopsmith, we'll continue to design and engineer the finest and most innovative safety devices and features for our products but YOU are the only one who can put it all into action.

Doing it yourself with wood is a relaxing, enjoyable and rewarding way to spend your leisure time. It's even more enjoyable when you know that you're working safely. Safety is such a minor investment when you consider the overwhelming benefits of practicing good safety procedures...and the overwhelming consequences of not doing so! Keep in mind that nearly all injuries are preventable. It's up to YOU!