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Real Letters from
Shopsmith Power Tool Owners

Here at Shopsmith, our mailbox is constantly stuffed with great letters from Shopsmith Power Tool Owners, talking about how they use their tools and what they think about them. Here are some excerpts from just a few of the thousands of letters we’ve received from the members of our Shopsmith Family of satisfied owners throughout the years. We hope you’ll enjoy reading them as much as we have.

California man raves about Traveling Academy

Mark G of Sebastopol, CA writes...
“I recently attended your Traveling One-Day Woodworking Academy in Santa Rosa, California and feel compelled to bring you my thoughts about the class. It was great to see the machine and its accessories 'in action'. I spoke with several people during the breaks and lunchtime and we all agreed that we have renewed interest in woodworking, thanks not only to Shopsmith, but to your instructor, as well. He had a great personality and always kept the class interested and focused. I didn't see one person all asleep!

With all the maintenance tips fresh in mind, I immediately went to my shop and began my routine maintenance. Thanks to the class, I felt confident in performing this routine. In closing, it's nice to know that after making a substantial purchase, you made the right decision. It's a pleasure to deal with a company that focuses on a quality product and customer service!


Kentucky man is proud to own TWO MARK V's

Roy Drew of Dryridge, KY writes...
“When I was a small boy in Cincinnati, the old man who lived next door to us had a '53 MARK V. I used to go next door and watch him build lots of things, spending many hours in his garage, just looking at what he could do with this thing called a Shopsmith. Well, he got old and told me I could buy it for $100, but in those days, no one had $100...certainly not me. So, I forgot about it until 1979 when I saw one in Shopsmith's Florence, Kentucky store. I knew then that I would own one someday.

Now I own two MARK V's and WOW, they're just great! I show them to everyone I can and try to encourage all young people to try their hand at woodworking. I've spent many hours relaxing in my woodshop, enjoying the Shopsmith. Thanks a million for a great tool


10-ER Shopsmith still “does the job” for California man

Norman Tompach of Clayton, CA writes...
“Enclosed is a photo of my vintage Shopsmith (Serial no. 1160), which is still running like new. I bought this unit second-hand in the late 60's and it has been a major part of my workshop for years. I have expanded my shop in the last couple of years, and now use it primarily as a lathe...but it still functions as designed. I will continue to be a proud Shopsmith owner.


Owner appreciates Shopsmith quality

Dan K. writes...
“I'm a person who loves a bargain, perhaps because I'm of Scottish decent. But I have to say that paying for quality is sometimes worthwhile, although I can't say that every time I buy something, I pay top dollar. In fact, I've been known to shop at (discount tool supply store - name deleted), which is to me, at the opposite end of the spectrum from the likes of Shopsmith. I'd never expect the products I've purchased from (this store) to last long enough for me to pass them on to my son. although I do expect my Model 510 MARK V to withstand the test of time.

When I hear testimonials (from owners) who talk of having machines that are still working, and working well since the '50's, it tells me that this equipment in a class with a select few. Shopsmith exemplifies what we Americans used to be proud of in the quality of a product. I hope Shopsmith never compromises quality for price. It would be grand if we could get both, but there's always been truth to the old saying...You get what you pay for. Keep up the good quality, Shopsmith !