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Hands On
The Candle Stand
Just a couple of days in the shop and this handsome, Shaker-style Candle Stand will be occupying a place of honor in your house !

Simple and functional – are the hallmarks of Shaker furniture…and this graceful Candle Stand/Pedestal Table is a faithful copy of an original Shaker design and an ideal project for practicing a variety of Lathe techniques.

Start by gluing up the stock you’ll need for the top, using 1/4" dowels or your Molding set-up Molding set-up to strengthen the joints between the adjoining boards. Allow to set and dry for at least 24 hours.
Locate your center, then cut the stock to a rough circle using your Scroll Saw or Bandsaw with a Circle Cutting Attachment.
Next, make the tabletop brace (B). Bore the holes for the mounting screws, then use your Disc Sander or Belt Sander to create the tapers on the bottom side of this piece.
Mount the Brace (B) temporarily to the assembled Top (A) with wood screws. IMPORTANT: Mount the Brace (B) so the wood grain runs perpendicular to the grain of the Top (A) to prevent cupping and warping.
Adjust your Lathe for SLOW speed. Attach the Brace/Top to your 6” diameter Lathe Faceplate and start by turning the outer edge of the Top (See Fig. 1). Finally, turn the shallow (1/8” deep) recess in the Top and finish sand the completed turning before removing it from the Lathe.
Glue up the stock for the Spindle (C). Allow plenty of time for everything to dry thoroughly, then turn the Spindle and finish sand it before removing it from the Lathe.