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The Oval Magazine Rack

So simple, you could make four or five for different rooms - in a single weekend!

These attractive magazine racks are so simple to make that as long as you're going to make one of them, you may as well make four or five for your house...and a few more to give as gifts.

1: Prepare a 3/4" x 9-1/2" x 22" piece of stock for each rack. As you can probably see, the bottom of each rack is made from the "scrap" piece that comes from the top cut-out.

2: Use your Scroll Saw to cut the Bottom (B) from the Top (A).

3: Use a Drum Sander to smooth the inside edges of the Top (A) - and your Disc Sander to smooth the outside edges of the Bottom (B).

4: Use your Shaper set-up with a Quarter-Round Cutter - or your Router set-up with a 3/8" Round-Over Bit to round the inside edge of the Top (A).

5: Use your Bandsaw or Scroll Saw to cut the outside contour of the Top...then sand and shape this edge. Shape the outside edge of the bottom .

6: Mark all dowel hole positions on the Top and Bottom pieces. Tilt your MARK V table to 10 degrees and use a 3/8" diameter bit to bore 1/4" deep holes at your market locations for the dowels.

7: Cut all dowels to length and lightly sand the rods.

8: Assemble the rack by first gluing the dowels into the Top...then gluing them into the Bottom. Use a wood glue with an extended "open time" to avoid having to rush through the assembly process before your glue sets-up.

9: Finish sand the project and apply the finish of your choice.

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