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The Laminated Wood
Domino Set

Domino Set
Premium quality wooden domino sets can easily bring over $100 at craft fairs

Made from your choice of contrasting domestic and/or exotic hardwoods, these laminated dominoes are real attention-getters at craft shows, street fairs and juried shows.

The set shown here was made with a 3/16" thick x 1-1/4" x 3-1/4" Red African Padauk (often called "Vermillion") core. Our core was then covered with a layer of holly veneer and then a layer of ebony veneer on each side.

Any contrasting light/dark woods will work. For example...a cherry core with maple and walnut veneers....or a mahogany core with ash and wenge veneers. The choice is yours. We think it's best to make your core from a medium colored wood, its surrounding veneers from a light-colored wood, and the top layers from a dark colored wood.

Start by ripping your core strips to the 1-1/4" width. Add glue, followed by a layer of light colored veneer, more glue, then a layer of dark colored veneer to each side. Clamp together and allow to dry thoroughly.

Crosscut 28 pieces to 3-1/4" long. Make a jig for your MARK V table that you can use to hold your individual dominoes for Disc Sanding to final width and length. Use a Fine Disc and let your MARK V's Quill Stop control the consistency of all dimensions for you.

Once all of your dominoes are sanded to an identical size, mark their centerlines by making a very shallow (only as deep as your top layer of veneer) kerf cut with your Scroll Saw.

The dots are then revealed by drilling through the outer layer of veneer with a SHARP, NEW 1/8" twist drill bit. Do not use a brad-point bit, as they will leave an undesirable pilot hole in the center of each dot.

For mass-production, it's a good idea to make some jigs and fixtures to hold the dominoes and help you position the dots accurately, evenly and quickly.

Use some fine sandpaper to round-off all sharp edges slightly.

We made a finger-lapped box with a sliding top for our set...but a sliding top box with mitered, half-lapped or butt-jointed corners will work just as nicely.

Suggested retail price: $100 +, depending on woods used

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