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Volume 45/Issue 3

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The Mug Holder Shelf and Baseball Equipment Holder

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Finishing Touches - Pt.5 Refinishing
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HANDS ON Timeless Classics Now Available on CD ROM

A Bit of History
Shopsmith introduced the print version of HandsOn! Magazine in September of 1979. It was mailed to MARK V owners every two months and quickly became the highest circulation woodworking publication in existence. HandsOn! was edited by Nick Engler, who went on to become the author of over 50 books about woodworking. Later, Gary Havens became editor. Gary went on to become editor of “Family Handyman” magazine. Publication ceased in the late 80's and laid dormant until September, 2000 when the magazine was re-introduced as HandsOnLine, “The Web Magazine for Shopsmith Woodworkers”.

Each HandsOn CD features three detailed project articles. One plan will be for a major project, one for a weekend project and one “money-maker” project for those folks that participate in arts and crafts shows.

Project article offers complete, easy to build, step-by-step instructions, plus, a bill of material, cutting list, and exploded drawings for each project component ---in format for higher quality printing.

In addition to the three projects, each CD includes these popular features:

  • Ask Smitty - Typical questions from Shopsmith Owners and “Smitty's” answers.
  • Owner's Gallery - Projects made by Shopsmith woodworkers.
  • Letters From Owners - Owners share their woodworking successes.
  • Academy Notes - Interesting “how-to” articles on various woodworking techniques.
  • Service Pointers - Tips for maintaining and servicing Shopsmith equipment.
  • Safety Tips - Shop tips to make you a safe woodworker.

There are lots of hotlinks to Shopsmith websites, including, online accessory and parts catalogs, MARK V demonstrations, woodworking academy classes, tool demonstrations, woodworking tips ... and, links to 100's of other woodworking resources on the internet.

You can order individually or purchase the entire set of Volume #2 through Volume #8 for $70 and get Volume #1, which includes three issues of HandsOn!, FREE, a $30 Value.

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