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Troubleshooting Table
Lathe Tailstock & Tool Rest

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General maintenance tips - Carefully remove your Lathe Center from the MARK V Tailstock - it's a simple fit - one taper slides into another, but it can occasionally get very tight. To remove, twist the Lathe Center out as if it was a dart. If this doesn't work, place your Tailstock on a workbench with the Concentric Center Mount supported by a pipe or other object with a hole for the Center to fit into and tap the Center carefully with a soft-faced mallet. Never “whack” the Center with the Tailstock mounted on your MARK V, as this can loosen or damage the Tailstock support tubes or Concentric Center Mount - or even break the Tailstock casting !

Always wipe the Lathe Center and Concentric Center Mount tapers to remove sawdust and wood chips before assembling the two pieces. A sliver of wood caught between these mating parts can cause a mis-alignment of the Center or slippage which could damage the Center or Mount.


Possible Cause(s)


Turned spindles always seem to have a slight taper

Concentric Center adjustment is off or Tailstock height is improperly adjusted

Check Tailstock Lathe Center alignment with Drive Center

Pin in Cup Center or Drive Center is chipped or broken

Center was dropped or mis-used

Replace Pin. Push Pin out & insert new Pin.

Drive Center keeps spinning off wood

Drive Center not properly driven into wood

Not enough pressure on turning stock.

Tap drive center into wood until spurs are properly imbedded.

Mount spindle between centers and extend the Quill until the Tailstock flexes slightly, then lock the Quill into position.

Small dents or nicks in the Tool Rest

Chisels have dented the Tool Rest

File or grind the Tool Rest flat and smooth, then round all sharp edges on Tool Rest slightly to prevent re-occurrence.

Tool Rest Tubes will not fit properly into Carriage

Tube oversized

Tube clogged with sawdust or wax

Replace Tube

Clean with stiff brush

If you have tried these remedies and they didn’t work . . . or if you’re experiencing difficulties that are not listed here, feel free to call Shopsmith’s TOLL-FREE Technical Services Hotline (1-800-762-7555) for the answer or send an e-mail to Shopsmith Technical Support.

WARNING: Always unplug machine before making any adjustments or performing any maintenance procedures.