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Real Letters from
Shopsmith Power Tool Owners

Here at Shopsmith, our mailbox is constantly stuffed with great letters from Shopsmith Power Tool Owners, talking about how they use their tools and what they think about them. Here are some excerpts from just a few of the thousands of letters we’ve received from the members of our Shopsmith Family of satisfied owners throughout the years. We hope you’ll enjoy reading them as much as we have.

Welder/Machinist won't part with his MARK V!
Allen Matson of Grafton, N.D. writes . . .
"I purchased my MARK V to enhance my woodworking and do useful, money-saving projects around the house. Its quality and ease of operation make my MARK V a tool I will never part with. Most of my life, I've worked as a welder and machinist in a machine shop where precision tools are commonplace, and find the MARK V to have the precision I want.

When my daughter and her husband were expecting their first child, I promised them that I would build a crib for them. I bought the maple stock, the hardware and a set of crib plans and went to work. I finished the crib just in time -- while my daughter was still in the hospital.

I learned a lot in the process of building the crib, especially how invaluable a tool my MARK V really is!"

Simple repair restores older MARK V to like-new condition
Charles Park of Jacksonville, FL writes...
"My Shopsmith MARK V is 20 years old and I thought it had been working OK until it started making a noise, lately. I pulled off the belt cover and turned it on to discover that the noise was coming from the bearings on the shaft that's driven by the Poly-V Belt.

So, I ordered a couple of bearings from you guys, plus the belts which had never been changed, either. When I got it back together and turned it on, what an incredible difference it made! I couldn't believe how quiet and smooth it was ! Thanks a lot. You folks make a GREAT product."


45-year old MARK V is still going strong
Larry Gile of Torrance, CA writes...
"I bought my Shopsmith MARK V in 1956 from a local hardware store after viewing an in-store demo of how it works. I have built indoor and outdoor furniture with it, remodeled two kitchens and at least three bathrooms (cabinets), plus done lots of other cabinet and woodworking projects with it over the past 45 years. I still use it whenever it's needed and have never had a breakdown or problem with my machine in all the time that I've used it.

I recently ordered your catalog and am looking forward to ordering a Lathe Duplicator for some projects I want to try. It's a great machine and I have enjoyed using it over the years."

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