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Volume 47/Issue 2

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The Turned Hall Tree

With your MARK V Worktable tilted to 30-degrees, use a shop-made V-Block jig to hold the Spindle while you drill the angled Coat Peg holes with a Forstner Bit. See Figure 1.

Prior to final assembly, drill 1-1/4" deep x 3/16" dia. pilot holes into the bottom of Spindle (A), both ends of Spindle (B) and the top of Spindle (C). These holes are for the Dowel Screws (G).

Apply a small amount of soap, beeswax, paste wax, or paraffin to both ends of the Dowel Screws and “test-assemble” the three-part Spindle. Take the Spindle apart and remove all traces of soap, beeswax, paste wax, or paraffin squeeze-out.

Apply ample glue to the end grains of all Spindles where they will join together...tighten them down...remove any glue squeeze-out and allow to dry overnight.

Finally, glue and dowel the Legs (D) and the Pegs (E) to the assembled Spindle and allow to dry for 24 hours before applying the finish of your choice.

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Hall Tree Layout
Peg Layout
Foot Layout
Worktable at 30°

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