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Volume 47/Issue 1

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Two Handy Kitchen Helpers - Build Both In A Weekend

The Knife Block/Cutting Board
Whether you're slicing, cutting, carving or chopping, you'll be using a knife and a cutting surface of some sort. And since these two items are such an essential combination, we decided to put the two together into a single, universal project.

Start by using your Bandsaw with a 5/8" Resawing Blade to resaw your stock to a 1/2" thickness, then glue up the wider panels you'll need for the Back and Bottom pieces.

NOTE: If you prefer, you can also make these pieces from 3/4" thick stock.

However, the finished project will be heavier for wall-hanging. While you're at it, glue-up the stock for the Knife Block and Cutting Board. Be sure to use waterproof glue when assembling the components of this project. Allow your glue-ups to dry thoroughly, then cut all pieces to final dimension and sand smooth.

Using a Router set-up or Dado Blades, cut the required joinery in the Sides and the Knife Block. If you decide to use your Dado Blades, you'll have to do some hand work with a chisel where the 3/4" groove meets the 1/2" dado on the side (see exploded view). With a sander, round the corners on the Back, Sides and Cutting Board. Cut knife slots in the Knife Block with either a Bandsaw or a handsaw.

Assemble the Knife Holder with waterproof glue and set it aside. Using a 3-In-1 or core box router bit, rout a juice trough around the perimeter of the Cutting Board, as shown in the drawing. You can taper the depth of this trough by tacking or double-stick taping a 1" wide x 1/8" thick strip of scrap wood to the bottom side of the Cutting Board...nearest the edge where you want the trough to be deepest. Using Shopsmith's overhead Routing Set-Up, rout the trough as you normally would, then remove the thin piece of scrap wood. Your trough will be evenly tapered.

Slide the Cutting Board into the 3/4" groove in the Knife Holder. If it sticks, sand or joint a little stock off the edges. Finish with Salad Bowl Finish.

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Utensil Rack
Hook Detail

Knife Block
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Knife Block Detail

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