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Feature Articles and Neat Stuff
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The 9-Drawer Workshop Toolbox
A two-part toolbox that's both practical and attractive
This handsome wooden toolbox features a 6-drawer top section and a 3-drawer base that will make a perfect home for your hand tools and show off your craftsmanship, as well. Build it all at once or in two steps -- it's your choice.

The Child's Desk and Chairs
A great project the kids will love -- a single sheet of plywood

Here's a great spot for the children to color, play with their toys or learn important new things. Start with a single sheet of 1/2" or 5/8" plywood, add a little time plus some imagination and paint -- and you'll be done before you know it!

child's desk
Candle Sconce

The Candle Sconce and Desktop Pencil Holder
Two quick-to-build projects with broad, highly marketable appeal
This candle sconce will look right at home with American Colonial, Shaker, or any number of furniture styles -- while the contemporary, 9-hole pencil holder makes a great organizer for eliminating desktop clutter.

Pencil Holder