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The Child’s Desk and Chair Set

Child's Desk and Chairs

Remember that sharp, exposed plywood edges will pose a splinter hazard for young hands, so be sure to sand all edges smooth with a drum sander...then round them over with sandpaper or a 3/8" rounding-over router bit. If there are edge voids when you're finished, fill them with a good quality wood putty, allow them to dry and smooth them carefully by hand with sandpaper before applying your finish.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT round-over the ends of the table top (B), supports (C), back (D), or shelf (E) -- or the ends of the seats (H), chair backs (J), chair spreaders (K) or chair supports (L).

Next, dry assemble all pieces with drywall/particleboard screws, using a variable speed drill. It helps to drill pilot holes first to be certain your screws are going straight into the edges of the mating plywood pieces. Once you're confident that all pieces are fitting together properly, disassemble the pieces, apply glue and reassemble using screws and clamps.

Apply a primer coat before painting with a lead-free paint.

NOTE: Actual seat heights will be slightly less due to width of kerf taken by saw used to cut out the chair sides (G).

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Desk Assembly
Cutting Layout
Chair Assembly
Desk Layout
Chair Layout
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