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The Swinging Cradle
A wonderful heirloom-quality project that keeps on giving

6: Cut the contours on the posts (B), stretcher (C), sides (D), headboard (E) and footboard (F), using your Bandsaw. Sand all of these cut edges using your Drum Sander or Disc Sander.

7: Assemble the feet to the posts with glue and 1/2" dia. dowels (P). Sand the ends of the dowels flush with the outside surfaces. Tip: Scrub off the excess glue with a wet rag. This works better than chiseling or sanding it off once it’s dried.

8: Assemble the basket by attaching the sides (D) to the headboard (E) and footboard (F) with glue and #10 x 1-1/2” flathead wood screws. Use a 3/8” bit to counterbore the screw heads 3/16” below the surface and plug these holes with 3/8” dowels. You can use a Plug Cutter to make your own plugs from matching wood.
Use a portable belt sander to sand your plugs flush with the outside of the cradle.

9: Cut the cleat strips (G & H) to size and mount them to the inside of the cradle with #8 x 1-1/4” flathead wood screws.

10: Cut the bottom (Q) to size and bevel the two side edges. Sand all edges smooth.

11: Make the spacers (M) by first resawing 3/4” stock down to 3/8” thick. Draw the 2” circles on the stock and drill the 3/4” holes. Cut the washers on your Bandsaw or Scroll saw and sand the edges. Set aside.

12: Make the pivot pins (J) and the pivot lock pin (L). The pivot pins (J) are made from 3” lengths of 3/4” hardwood dowel. The caps to these are turned on the lathe using the screw center .
Once the pivot pins (J) are turned, use a jig to hold them while you drill the 3/4” x 1/2" deep holes for the pin (See Fig. 4). If you’re using a good, durable hardwood such as cherry or maple, you can turn both pins from a single piece of stock.
Finally, turn the lock pin (L) from a 4” length of 3/4" stock.

13: Make the wedges (N) for the post and stretcher joint. These wedges are cut to fit and should be centered and fit snugly with a tap from a mallet.

14: Finish sand all sub-assemblies with a fine grit sandpaper, then apply a non-toxic finish of your choice such as Preserve Oil (link to 521246 in on-line catalog).

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