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Real Letters from
Shopsmith Power Tool Owners

South Carolinan has enjoyed his MARK V since 1956

M.W. Sears of Sumter, SC writes...
“I have owned my Shopsmith MARK V since 1956 and have enjoyed it very much. I have made many things with it, of which I am very proud. I'm not a mechanical-minded person but through the years, I've learned to make my own repairs (to the MARK V) once I've diagnosed the problem and obtained the repair parts from you. The machine is really simple once a person understands it.

My daughter and her husband decided to build a new home some months ago and since they weren't financially able to pay a contractor the price to do the complete job, I volunteered to help with the interior finishing...and of course, we saved a substantial sum by building the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. The material costs for the cabinets (including hardware) totaled $700. The appraised value of the cabinets (by a contractor) was $2,800.


Ohio man raves about his MARK V

Don P. of Kettering, OH writes...
“I've owned a Shopsmith MARK V since 1978 and have used it to build hundreds of (small and large) projects in a tiny basement shop. My MARK V shop (including Bandsaw, Jointer & Belt Sander) provides all the tools I need to do any job I've ever had to do…in the limited space I have. Anyone who says you need a barn-sized shop to build top-quality projects, obviously doesn't know a MARK V owner!

You see, when I first purchased my MARK V, I had little woodworking experience and wondered (before it arrived) whether I'd made the right decision. The answer was quick to come. Thanks to the Self-Study Course and “Power Tool” Text, I was able to learn the techniques I needed to build some nice projects pretty quickly.

In no time at all, I was building projects that even surprised me. In fact, I used my MARK V to make a sled for my son that earned two blue ribbons plus a second runner-up "Best of Show" award at a local woodworking show. My son still has that sled today, and soon, it will pass on to my grandsons (along with the ribbons).

A few years ago, I remodeled my home's ugly 50's-style kitchen with a set of gorgeous, solid oak cabinets that I built myself. I learned the necessary joinery techniques in the self-study course that came with my MARK V. Every time I look at it, I think…“WOW…I made that!”

My MARK V runs a lot around the Holidays and before birthdays, house-warmings for friends and other special events. I've found there's something really neat about the pride you get from giving things to others that you've made with your own hands.

Would I recommend the Shopsmith MARK V to others? In a heartbeat! The Shopsmith MARK V helped me get off to a great start in woodworking and made it easy for me to learn new skills quickly. PLUS…In my estimation, the Shopsmith MARK V provides today's woodworkers (and aspiring woodworkers) with the ideal combination of space-savings, versatility and precision. You can't beat the 'bang for your buck' that you get with the Shopsmith MARK V.


16-year-old North Dakota Woodworker goes into business with his MARK V

Greg Berger of Mandan, ND writes...
“A few days after my Shopsmith MARK V arrived, I got my first challenge when I was asked to build an oak china closet for my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary. Even though I said I would do the job, I wasn't sure that I could (but I didn't tell anyone that). Working after school, it took me two months to build.

My next project was a plant stand that I saw in one of Shopsmith's magazines. I cut the picture out and used it as a blueprint. I have to admit that it was one of the most difficult projects I've done because of the 45-degree angles in which you have to cut the four sides...but my Shopsmith MARK V did an accurate job. It took one weekend to complete.

All you need is a Shopsmith MARK V with some accessories, a place to work and you can have your own business !