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The “Secret Compartment” Paper Towel Holder

Mug Holder Shelf

Here's a quick, easy-to-make paper towel rack
that's unlike any you'll find elsewhere

Many small jobs around the house can't be done in the shop. Instead, they often have to occur on-site. That means going to the shop to get the tools needed to do the job. However, this special paper towel rack gives your craft fair and flea market customers the perfect place to stash away a small tack hammer, a screwdriver or two and a pair of pliers. It's also great for sewing supplies...a small pad of note paper and a pencil...the car keys...or what have you. In short, it's a “multi-purpose” towel rack that's unique enough that it'll put you well ahead of your competitors at shows...and help you “wipe-up” the profits!

1: Cut all parts (A,B,C,D,F) to size, according to the list of materials.

2: Transfer the patterns from the drawings to your stock and cut out all contours with your Bandsaw. To save time, you can attach four of each piece together with double-stick tape and pad saw them all simultaneously. Use your drum sander and disc sander to smooth all the edges. Here's another time-saving trick - Shopsmith's Oscillating Drum Sander Attachment can be adjusted to provide up to 3/4" of up-down travel...more than enough to make quicker work of sanding the internal curves on a stack of up to four identical 3/4" thick pieces.

3: Drill the 1" dia. holes in the sides to accept the towel bar.

4: Set up your Shopsmith Router Package and use the special "3-in-1" Router Bit and the 1/4" Router Chuck to make your initial 1/2" deep cuts around the inside perimeters of the top and lid. Guide your workpieces against your rip fence for added control when making these cuts. Once you've cut the first groove around the perimeter of both pieces, switch to a 3/4" straight router bit, re-adjust your rip fence and your depth-of-cut to remove the balance of the center waste.

5: Turn the handles (E) on the lathe. If you have a Shopsmith Lathe Duplicator, you can follow the directions in your Duplicator Owner's Manual and make a duplicator template that will allow you to turn up to 7 or 8 handles from a single long piece of stock..

6: Cut the handles apart with your bandsaw and drill a 15/16" diameter x 3/4" deep hole in the end of each handle for the 1" towel bar. Sand the ends of the towel bar (F) on your disc sander until you achieve a snug fit on the handles.

7: Use a rounding-over router bit or quarter-round shaper cutter to smooth over all edges.

8: Assemble the towel holder by attaching the sides (A) to the back (B) with #8 x 1-1/2" flathead wood screws. Use 4-penny finishing nails and glue to attach the top (C) to the sides. Attach the lid (D) to the back with hinges. Sand the holder and apply the finish of your choice.

Suggested retail price: $20 to $25

List of Materials, Printer Friendly PDF copy of Instructions,
PLANS: Side View, Front View, Handle Detail, Top & Lid Detail, Assembly