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Hands On

The Lantern Holder and the Toy Top
Here’s an attractive decorator project for adults – plus – a timeless classic, folk-toy Child’s Top ---- Build them as gifts or to sell for a profit.


The age-old kerosene or oil-fired Lantern, complete with reflective Lantern Holder still casts a warm, friendly light…even in the most modern hole.
In our example, the notched shelf on our Holder is designed to cradle the Lantern, while the mirror behind reflects interesting patterns of light throughout the room.
There are two ways to go about making this Holder:

• If you’re just making a few to give as gifts, the Scroll Saw or Sabre Saw method is probably going to be the best approach for you.

• However, if you’re planning to make a larger quantity that you’ll be selling at craft fairs and such, a router-based duplicating device such as Shopsmith’s Overarm Pin Router will make fast, easy work of duplicating high numbers with amazing repeatability.

We’ll give you the basic procedures for both methods…but it’s important to note that actual sizes and designs are really up to you…and must be based on the actual Lantern you plan to use with it.
For example, you could create a completely different design for behind the mirror – or use a solid back with no mirror. You could substitute stained glass for the mirror, and perhaps even make a solid shelf to hold candles or potted plants instead of the Lantern. So take a look at and understand our approach…then make the Holder to fit the Lantern you plan to put with it…and the mirror cutout shape you feel will best suit the décor.

The Scroll Saw Approach:
1): Glue-up (if necessary) and cut the pieces for the Lantern Holder Back and Shelf to outside dimensions. Make your workpieces about 1/2" larger all-around to allow for final shaping.

2): Cut the dado to accept the shelf

3): Enlarge the pattern in our drawing (or create your own), then transfer to your workpieces for cutting the outside shape and the mirror cut-outs. If you’re using a Scroll Saw, you can probably pad-saw the Shelves and Backs two at a time by temporarily attaching your pairs together with Double-Stick Tape .

4): Use a hand-held Router or your Shopsmith Routing Package to rout a 1/8” to 3/16” deep area behind the mirror cut-out area for mirror to drop into.

5): Next, use your Drum Sander set-up to smooth all internal and external edges to your pattern lines.