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The Child’s Desk and Chair Set

Child's Desk and Chairs

One weekend and a single sheet of plywood is all that's required to make this compact Child's Desk and Chair Set!

Every child deserves a desk of their very own to store and use their favorite coloring books, crayons, paints, paper -- and their very own small library of books. Here's a great project that uses just one 4' x 8' sheet of plywood (we found that a 1/2" thickness worked very well).

You'll end up with a full 4' wide desktop and top storage shelf plus two chairs that are the perfect size for that special little person in your life -- as well as his or her special little friend!

Start by carefully following the diagrams to mark out all the pieces on your 4' x 8' sheet of plywood. If you use a good grade of plywood such as A/B or B/B, you won't have any voids to fill. If you use a lesser grade such as A/D or below, you'll have to fill some voids prior to painting.

First, cut your plywood sheet in half across its 48" width, separating the top of the sheet from the bottom and establishing the 48" length of pieces B, E & F, as shown in the CUTTING LAYOUT. It's best to use a straightedge with a hand-held circular saw for this job -- or to enlist the help of an assistant if you're using a table saw.

From this point, make all of your straight cuts, creating pieces B, C, E & F. If your saw blade takes a standard 1/8" kerf when it makes a cut, you should be left with a 15-1/8" wide x 48" long piece from the top of the sheet (from which you will cut the chair sides)...and a 48" wide x 44-5/8" long piece from the bottom of the sheet (from which you will cut the chair seats, backs, spreaders and supports).

Cut the 15-1/8" wide x 48" piece exactly down the middle, creating two 15-1/8" wide x 23-15/16" pieces...each of which will make two chair sides. Rip 1/8" off the width of each piece, creating two pieces 15" wide x 23-15/16" long.

Cut the 48" x 44-5/8" piece exactly down the middle, creating two 44-5/8" x 23-15/16" pieces for the two desk sides.

Use your hand-held sabre saw or scroll saw to cut the chairs apart...remove the seats, backs, spreaders and supports from the desk side cut-outs...and cut all the indicated radii on the various pieces.

NOTE: The heights of your chair seats will be slightly less than the indicated 12" due to the widths of the kerfs taken by your sabre saw or scroll saw.